In Addition to the in-house development and production of electro-optical systems, Hevi Optronics also provides integration, maintenance and repair to third-party electro-optical systems.


We offer complete system integration services for third-party electro-optical systems, where the entire system or its subsystems will be installed into the customer’s platform. The process includes initial analysis, designing mounting adapters and anti-vibration systems, designing wiring harnesses, interfacing communication and control systems. We are experienced in the entire product life cycle – Design, Manufacture, Qualification, Acceptance, Introduction into Service and Through-life Support.


We offer maintenance services for electro-optical systems. Our maintenance capability includes designing of special to type tools and test equipment, sensor optical alignment and calibration, as well as cleaning the system in a controlled environment and performing humidity control and dry nitrogen purging for humidity protection and moisture inhibition.


We provide repair and refurbishment for a comprehensive range of electro-optical systems. During the process the system is carefully inspected and disassembled, replacing its components if necessary. Repair may also in involve re-production of no longer available components and devices, where certain components are reverse engineered by using 3D scanning and CAD modelling. During the repair, it is also possible to replace scratched or damaged optical windows for both daylight and infrared cameras with special optical coatings. These activities are assisted by the respective service providers.
Tallinn, Estonia
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