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Our main line of business is ISR. We design Turn-Key Electro-Optical Systems for various platforms and manufacture these systems in-house. We can offer configurations that are tailored against specific requirements. We can offer simple and very cost-effective solutions and more complex systems with integrated true north finders that can be used for targeting and Call-For-Fire applications. We will release a full product family of Gyro-Stabilized systems for all domains - Land, Sea and Air. On top of this, we also offer sub-systems separately. We can configure and produce a variety of Pan-Tilt Units, Hand Controllers, Sensor Modules, Retract Systems and other system components.

Electro-Optical Systems

Turn-key Electro-Optical Systems come with everything included for operation. This includes The Sensor system, screen or computer, mounting components, cables and packaging. Customers can specify the exact configuration with our Sales Engineers.
Stabilized Electro-Optical targeting system
HeviTrack-S Marine
Stabilized Electro-Optical surveillance system for Patrol Boats and Small Vessels
HeviSight L170_0001HeviSight L170
Miniature stabilized Commander Sight
Drivers Vision Enhancement Solution
Long range Electro-Optical surveillance system

Mission Grips

We design and manufacture Mission Grips and Hand Controllers for Electro-Optical Systems and Unmanned Vehicles. We can configure our standard solutions according to customer needs or create new designs and variants. All controllers use our proprietary electronics and customers can choose the desired functionality, such as button layout and OLED displays. Controllers are available with USB or Ethernet interfaces.
Mission Grip 1
Electro-Optical System Mission Grip

Electro-Optical Sensor Modules and Cameras

We design and manufacture various Short, Medium and Long Range sensor modules. We can integrate EO, LWIR, MWIR and SWIR sensors together with various Laser options. The sensors can be integrated into a single module or they can be offered as separate camera units. All sensors are sealed and purged with nitrogen.
Integrated Sensor Module with up to 3 customer selectable sensors
Integrated Sensor Module with up to 5 customer selectable sensors
Integrated Long Range Sensor Module with HOT MWIR f/4.0 690 camera

Pan-Tilt Units

We offer many high precision pan-tilt units for customer applications. These 2-axis positioners can be used for electro-optical systems as well as other applications, such as antenna trackers and drone detection systems. All HEVI Optronics pan-tilt units have brushless drives and 0-backlash reducers.
High Precision Pan-Tilt Unit for payloads up to 15 kg.
High Precision Pan-Tilt Unit for payloads up to 40 kg.
Tallinn, Estonia
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