Vehicle Payload Retract System

Lightweight Vehicle Payload Retract System that mounts in the bed of a standard commercial pickup truck or a van.
The system provides mobile surveillance that can be quickly redeployed as threats change or to continue using the gyrostabilized system while moving and following the targets. Allows to take full advantage of the electro-optical system with integrated dual antenna RTK system to locate target coordinates from inside the vehicle. When driving through harsh conditions that may damage the electro-optical system, the retract can be stowed in less than 25 seconds to inside the canopy and additional hatch covers the opening. The system includes separate batteries from the vehicle main battery, which gives the system full autonomy for approximately 6-10 hours and system will start to charge its batteries only while car engine is running or can be directly plugged into 110-230 VAC mains power.

Tallinn, Estonia
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