Medium range multi-sensor reconnaisance, surveillance and target aquisition (RSTA) system for armoured vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, patrol vehicles and stationary applications.
HeviTrack-S is a rugged electro-optical system for day and night observation applications. The HeviTrack is designed to have a field swappable sensor module for various use cases. In standard configuration it provides clear video feed from a 4K EO sensor along with a compact MWIR sensor and optional laser rangefinder. The sensor module windows are optionally equipped with de-icing heaters and a cleaning system for extended operation in adverse weather conditions.
The onboard real-time video processor provides image enhancement of all sensors, image fusion of daylight and infrared cameras into a single video stream, image stabilization, scene steering and target tracking. Compact design and fully digital interface allows for a cost-effective integration for many platforms.


Tallinn, Estonia
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